I share below with others just so they know the character they are dealing with! I think it is healthy to look back and write about oneself and contemplate what in life was productive and useful versus just egotistical and prideful. 

HUMBLE DISRUPTOR is my title. I generally do not get involved in any project unless I am totally passionate about it. Once involved, only DEATH will STOP me until the end of the project. 

Here are some quotes I like for projects:

“Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way” - unknown 

“Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.” - James Baldwin, the American writer born in 1924 and not the actor

“Don’t confuse efforts with results” - Unknown

I use metrics on every project I do, because if we don’t know where we are, we don’t know how long it will take to get to where we are not sure where we want to go, or if we already have arrived

As a GENERALIST whatever I want to become knowledgeable in I research myself. I, however, do NOT enjoy sitting in a classroom. I prefer to talk and ask questions to learn. 

As a computer scientist my backgrounds are various. I made my living in 45 years of computer science with hardware from CDC computer, punch card equipment, mainframe, DEC PDP minicomputer, Radio Shack TRS80, Apple II, PC, Commodore VIC 20/64, TI 99/4A, Grid Compass, Timex Sinclair, Apple Lisa, Apple Macintosh, DEC VAX, DEC Alphaserver, cluster technology, IBM System 38, Symbolics AI, Digital Storageworks, Compaq iPaq pocket PC, Blackberry, Macbook, iPhone, Android, iPad, PlayStation for computing, iMac, tablet, ... with many kinds of software languages like Assembly Language for IBM, BASIC, C, COBOL, DCL for DEC, FORTRAN, Google Sites, Pascal, Swift, and dozens of kinds of social media.

Currently in 2023+ I lead hiking EVERYDAY in ALL weather from -50F with windchill all the way up to 105F. I prefer like 1F - 75F.  I know the technology available in clothing and teach that for those who don’t want to wear out couch cushions and want want wear out shoes. My website for that is IndianaDunesHiking.Com  ANYONE in the world can request a hike with me and I do it on the day they request. I just get to pick the time IF I have some other things going on that day. I will, in agreement with the person, pick a time like: Sunrise / 10AM/ 1PM / Sunset-twilight-night / night . Request a hike here:

In 1961 born on a Sunday.

In 1962 went to the Indiana Dunes State Park in the basket of my dad's 26" Schwinn Typhoon. My parents hadn't owned a car since 1943 when my mom rolled the Hudson on US 41 in Kentland.

In 1969 For the first time I rode my 20" Schwinn Typhoon to the Indiana Dunes State Park where we hiked, swam, and ate. The first triathlon! We left about 6 AM and got home about 10 PM. It was 64 miles roundtrip from Whiting, IN. I knew I wanted to move to Chesterton when I grew up. I did 29 years later in 1998.

In 1969 at age 8 I got my first microscope, telescope, and electric circuit prototyping board. I also got mercury poisoning. I got more mercury poisoning when I was 16 in high school. This led to sterility of a type and we adopted our son at birth in 1996. Because of the mercury I had what I call comatose depression in 2006 and the harmeceutical industry and psychiatrists failed me. They almost caused me to take my own life in 2008. but I decided it would be too hard of my wife and son. It was HIKING with my Golden Retriever, ASLAN IS ON THE MOVE - ASLAN for short that got me back to 110% mental health and fantastic physical health too. 

In 1973 got my first motorcycle, a Honda XR75 dirt bike. I started racing motocross.

In 1973 we were at our home late in the evening when my parents held a grass roots meeting and it had a major fire starting in the unfinished basement. It was determined that it was arson. My parents were extremely active in fighting city hall and big polluters like AMOCO (now BP) . The case was never solved.

In 1976 developed software to manage playing the MONOPOLY game. 

In 1977 designed and built one of the greatest studio/home/stereo speaker system using exclusively JBL components and learned about and later used sonic holography designed by Bob Carver of Phase Linear. 

In 1977 installed the first electronic bicycle computer, the Erisman Pacemeter and became an expert on it. The USA Olympic bicycle team used it and that is where I first heard about it. It measured crank RPM's and speed with sensors on the crank and the front wheel. It had to analog meters side by side. You want to keep the RPM's roughlt at 100 RPM through all the gear shifting. I was able to hit a maximum 37 MPH on flat level asphalt with no wind in any direction. THAT was very fast

In 1978 I met my wife to be in chemistry class at Whiting High School. We got married in 1982

In 1979 I got a grant to study computer science and finite math by he National Science Foundation (NSF), which was formed because we were behind other countries. I also started doing articulate intelligence then modifying the famous ELIZA program on a large Control Data computer at Indiana University

In 1979 I enrolled at Purdue University Northwest (Calumet) in Information Systems and Computer Programming.

In 1982 started consulting in information technology and process control in the steel industry. Eventually I had done it eventually with LaSalle Steel, Inland Steel, Bethlehem Steel, and U.S. Steel.

I am an an inventor not for fortune, as it turns out,  just for fun.  

In 1982 started designing ROBOTS. I later owned a very limited rare ROBOT designed and built by Androbot, which was started by the founder of ATARI, Nolan Bushnell. I started an organization to design some incredible things that our military may or may not have used. In 1984 I used the Androbot I modified into a YODA for guerrilla marketing which I think I am good at as it got me to where I am today.

In 1983 and 1984 see this link:

In 1984 I got the Apple Lisa, the forerunner of the Macintosh. I invented the first automobile navigation system using the Macintosh. It used new breaking technology: the Motorola car phone and cell towers because GPS was only available for the U.S. military. I videotaped major downtown Chicago streets and stored the video on the first commercially consumer device - a LASER platter. I could access any video of any street so I could SHOW folks with real video how to get there. I also could store inside tours of museums, other points of interest, restaurants,… I prototyped the first automatic breaking system on this car. It has an ultrasonic sensor which could detect the distance to the car in front and could become part of a ROAD TRAIN or slam on the anti-lock breaks. A lot more to the car and can show photos of it and talk about being an entrepreneur. I presented this to Apple Computer (which it was called then) and they loved it. A bumper sticker came out and don’t know if it was sparked by me: I WOULD RATHER BE DRIVING A MACINTOSH. I could go on for hours…

In 1984 did some consulting for U.S. Steel, the American Iron and Steel Institute, and the American Bar Association.

In 1986 did some artificial intelligence programming for  a startup company called Cell Analysis Systems to make a system to review blood cells and look for alarming shapes for pathologists. Did work with Matsushita Electric of Japan (Panasonic) in the USA for software to manage surface technology ROBOTS for customers like Rockwell. Started doing work for Navistar, formerly known as one of the oldest American companies, International Harvester.

In 1987 started a personal Christian  ministry. I helped ministries in Pakistan and an India who both had huge obstacles in evangelizing, which I can talk about. 

In 1992 became a member of Moody Memorial Church after studying Pastor Erwin Luetzer's teaching which I initially heard on the radio on 90.1 FM , WMBI.

In 1998 moved to Chesterton, IN to do hikes and photography at the Indiana Dunes on a regular basis.

In 2005 got a Golden Retriever and his name was Aslan is on the Move, or Aslan for short. Started Indiana Dunes Hiking!  

In 2012 created RonSeman.Com 

In 2012 I had an idea for a ministry to help financially challenged individuals afford to own a smartphone with internet access. I acquired almost exclusively iPhone's with cell service primarily from T-Mobile. It grew and grew perfectly well to about 120 iPhone's and Android's. I had the financial liability to the vendors. Those who got the smartphones merely paid the cost for the service and did not have to have a credit check which they would have failed. They didn't have an internet provider before. This ministry was the gateway for them to the world and allowed them to get jobs or help their families do research or homework. I was in the process of rolling this out nationally and internationally for ministry workers. 

A family living in Valparaiso requested over ten smartphones for themselves and some extended family. They never paid me. They never returned That cost caused the tumbling down of the system like wind blowing down a house of cards. They were church people who saw me every Sunday. I don't think the husband even knew what his wide did. I think she had mental health problems, like we ALL do. Her problem just caused horrific consequences for me and 110 others. 

In 2013 worked on two provisional patents submitted to the USPTO. A provisional patent is this: NO ONE knows the contents of the filing for twelve months. That gives one the opportunity to try to market the idea to say an existing corporation. If the corporation says no and then later "steals" the idea, one can prove that the idea was theirs and the courts know exactly when the invention was documented and by whom. But one only has twelve months, which is little time. The idea is also that you can raise funds to do a much more expensive non-provisional patent during that year. 

One provisional patent was for what I refer to as intelligent GPS, which I could not get Apple interested in for use in any of their projects. Most large corporations are NOT interested in things from small outside inventors. There is too much baggage. Did they steal the idea from someone else? When someone within Apple they know that they know it is truly their invention and won't be sued down the road and lose millions or billions in lawsuits.

The second invention I designed was a simple box. One sets the box down on say a sidewalk or parking lot or perhaps in an open trunk of a car or on top of one. They press one (1) button. That completes the circuit and a 12 volt battery is connected to an inverter which produces 120 volts of AC power. There is a projector plugged into the AC receptacle along with an inexpensive Chromebook laptop or tablet or smartphone  which is continuously displaying a video, a photo album, or a single photo. It is projected onto a building or another large surface. Inside the box is also a charger and a large Bluetooth speaker for sound.  It is guerrilla marking. Press the button and the selected surface is lit up with one's message with or without sound. At that time there was no local laws that prohibited one from displaying it onto existing surfaces as long as it did not disturb the public. One has free speech. Of course the content of the message can't break laws. In twelve months I couldn't find anyone who wanted to fund the idea. There are now many companies today doing some related things. Here is a company doing it today but it is NOT in a self contained portable box that anyone could use anywhere:

In 2019 became a volunteer for the Indiana Dunes National Park and the Indiana Dunes State Park. I report dangerous conditioms or fallen trees or large bracnhes on the trail and act as a tail end, a caboose, on their scheduled hikes.

In 2019 officially started IndianaDunesHiking.Com and Facebook.Com/IndianaDunesHiking 

In 2022 created HikerVETS.Com and Pursue1.Vet related to veterans and active military. Started faith based initiatives to reach veterans and that process is going so slow.

In 2022 started volunteering with recovery organizations: ArtisticRecovery.Org , 320Recovery.Com , PorterCountySAC.Com .

In 2022 started working with LeonsTriathlon.Com helping in many ways for America's Race at Indiana Dunes National Park's West Beach on 9/11/22 for veterans, active military, first responders, and more. 

In 202AARP Magazine ran an article about me in the October/November issue and that greatly increased people requesting hikes or information about the Indiana Dunes.

In 2023 started HUBFaith.Com to lead faith based recovery.

In 2023 started natureNatureNATURE.Com to begin teaching about the role of nature in mental, physical, and spiritual health and the extremely paramount MICROBIOME and it's role in all aspects of health. 

If nature isn't part of your solution, you don't have a solution.©

TO BE CONTINUED! Got information to plug in for years past and more for the future too...